Securing Technology in 
your Industry

We have delivered significant outcomes  to our clients by  protecting their networks against cyber attacks and ensuring their suppliers of technology are qualified and their products and services are in the best interest  of  our clients. Here is a small sample of our engagements across a wide range of industries.

Banking and Insurance (Financial Services)
  • Compliance to APRA and industry cyber requirements

  • Assurance of suppliers, including assessments of overseas data and call centres

  • Board and executive cyber advisory tailored for banking and insurance

  • Provide specialist advice to support cyber insurance, including risk management, support actuarial assessment, loss adjustment and forensic investigation

Road, Rail, Maritime and Aviation 
  • Experts with deep experience in multiple modes of transport

  • Compliance to regulatory and asset standards authority cyber requirements

  • Helping achieve appropriate balance between safety-critical systems and digital channels

  • Helping set standards for new technologies e.g. autonomous vehicles

Telecommunication & Internet
  • Provide specialist advise for telecommunication interception and mandatory data retention schemes

  • Board and executive cyber advisory tailored for carriers and content providers

  • Regularly assist carrier and content providers with civil and criminal investigations relating to unauthorised access, disrupting service, intellectual property and regulated content

Energy & Utilities
  • Experts in critical infrastructure protection

  • Long history working with SCADA in energy, water, oil & gas and manufacturing, advising regulators and participants

  • Helping achieve an appropriate cyber security posture across engineering and enterprise systems

  • Helping to safely introduce new technologies e.g. mobile workforce, smart meters, home automation

  • Provide expert assistance in developing public policy

  • Assist with investment justification and navigating government processes

  • Assist with transformation to cloud and supplier cyber security assurance

  • Compliance with ISM and IRAP cyber security assessment

  • Board and executive cyber advisory tailored for government agencies

Law firms
  • Expert witness in criminal and civil matters with complex technology issues

  • Track record in sensitive and high profile matters

  • Successfully assisted in matters where evidence has been forged or tampered

  • Apply big data analysis to automate electronic discovery. Track record in high profile matters with millions of documents requiring e-discovery 

Education (Schools & Universities)
  • Board and executive advisory tailored for schools and universities

  • Equip leaders, teachers and support staff with the processes, tools and confidence to deal with complaints of cyber bullying and criminal offences

  • Assist schools, universities and colleges to sensitively react to parent and student complaints

  • Track records for dealing with sensitive images and other offensive or illegal content. Protecting the school and staff

  • Board and executive advisory tailored to medical and allied healthcare providers

  • Provide specialist advise for handling healthcare records and cyber security for connected medical devices

  • Helping achieve appropriate cyber posture across medical devices, patient records and administrative systems

  • Helping health and allied care providers demonstrate compliance for their cloud-based systems